Medicare Chronic Disease Dental Scheme – $4250


The Medicare Chronic Disease Dental scheme allows chronically ill people who are being managed by their GP under an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan access to Medicare rebates for Dental services up to $4250 for two years.

To receive a Medicare benefit for dental services, you will first need to meet certain eligibility criteria and be referred by your GP to Shoppingtown Dental.

Am I eligible for dental services under the Medicare chronic disease dental scheme?

To be eligible, you must have a chronic medical condition and complex care needs and your oral health must be impacting on, or likely to impact on, their general health.

A chronic medical condition is one that has been or is likely to be present for at least six months. It may include, but is not limited to, conditions such as asthma, cancer, cardiovascular illness, diabetes mellitus, arthritis, mental illness, musculoskeletal conditions and stroke.

What dental services does the Medicare chronic disease dental scheme cover?

A comprehensive range of dental services are covered, including dental assessments, preventive services, extractions, fillings, restorative work such as crowns and bridges, and dentures. The primary purpose of the dental treatment must be to improve oral health or function. Medicare rebates will not be paid for dental services that are purely cosmetic in nature.

How do the GP referral arrangements work?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you will be referred by a GP to a dental practitioner for further assessment and treatment.

The referral will last for two consecutive calendar years from the first dental service. If additional treatment is required after this period a new referral from a GP is required.

What will I have to pay for the dental services?

At Shoppingtown Dental, we bulk bill our patients so there is no additional cost you need to pay. However, costs for services at other dental practitioners may vary. To ensure you are aware of the potential cost you will need to obtain a written quote before treatment if you are NOT using Shoppingtown Dental for dental services.

For further information and referral forms for GP, please call us on 03 9848 2399


Medicare Teen Voucher – $157

The Medicare Teen Dental Plan was introduced to help with the cost of an annual preventative dental check. The program aims to make it more affordable for families to keep their teenager’s teeth in good health. At Shoppingtown Dental, we bulk bill patients with this voucher, so there is no out of pocket cost.